Phoenix Community Stores

Mail Order

Whatever part of the world you are in, if you are not able to come and visit our shop, you can also use our mail order service. We are reachable by phone, email or through this web site. Full details on our contact page.

Arts & Crafts

There is a long and vibrant tradition in the Findhorn Community of the production of hand-made arts and crafts. We offer you a specially chosen selection of these, including paintings from local artists and handmade candles from our sister community on the Scottish Isle of Erraid.


“Findhorn Flower Essences” are made using local Scottish flowers and pure water from sacred healing wells. They are prepared by the sun-infusion method pioneered by Dr. Edward Bach, whose own remedies revised the age-old use and understanding of the natural healing power expressed by flowering plants and trees. We also offer a variety of purest essential oils.

Tools for Transformation

The vision of the Findhorn Foundation is to create and establish a spiritual way of living in attunement to the divinity within all creation. Here in Findhorn we have developed tools and methods for accomplishing this, including “The Transformation Game”, which contains the famous “Angel Cards” and “Blessing Cards”. Also in this section we offer a selection of inspiring and practical Oracle & Card Sets.


Since the Findhorn Community began in a small caravan almost 50 years ago, over 200 books have been written about the Community or by its members and alumni. We offer a selection here (including audio books) and are happy to find anything else that your may be looking for.


Music plays a large part in our Community life. Sacred Taizé songs ring out in our Sanctuaries, and our Universal Hall is host to community musicians and choirs performing in many genres, from folk, pop and jazz, to eastern European Sacred Dance themes. Here we present a selection of the music made and enjoyed in our Community.