Phoenix Community Stores

The Phoenix Shop

Located at the entrance to the famous Findhorn eco-village, the Phoenix has been serving the local and visiting community for over 20 years. Beginning life as a specialist new age shop the Phoenix has evolved over the years into a thriving community owned business. An award winning Food Store, full service Apothecary and Bookstore, crafts, gifts and music jostle together on shelves packed from floor to ceiling. Celebrating the positive, the Phoenix store specialises in local, organic, Fairtrade, ethical and artisan foods and products. more

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday open 10am - 6pm, Sunday open 10am - 5pm. 1st and 2nd of January closed.

The Phoenix Café

The Phoenix Café (formerly known as The Blue Angel) is situated at the entrance to the Universal Hall in the Findhorn eco-village community. Open year round, the café has both inside seating and a popular outside garden terrace area. It offers a wide range of snacks and beverages with an emphasis on fresh, vegetarian and organic ingredients. Croissants from a local French patisserie washed down with a shot of organic espresso add a continental flavour to village life. more

Opening hours: Every day from 9am - 5pm. 1st and 2nd of January closed. Live folk music session held most Saturdays 4pm - 7pm.
In light of the coronavirus pandemic, please read our signs at the entrance to the Cafe and Shop before entering, for your own and others' safety - thanks very much!!