Phoenix Community Stores


Located at the entrance to the famous Findhorn eco-village, the Phoenix has been serving the local and visiting community for over 25 years. Beginning life as a specialist new age shop the Phoenix has evolved over the years into a thriving community owned business. An award winning Food Store, with Health & Beauty department and Bookstore, crafts, gifts and music jostle together on shelves packed from floor to ceiling.

Celebrating the positive, the Phoenix store specialises in local, organic, Fairtrade, ethical and artisan foods and products.

Farmhouse cheeses, local organic whisky, local crafts and fairtrade chocolates fill the baskets of customers looking for an alternative to the supermarkets and shopping malls.

The Phoenix is owned by an innovative community partnership with hundreds of local people owning a share of the business. Other village attractions include a local money system, whisky barrel houses, natural sewage plant, eco-design housing, Universal Hall events and a beautiful natural landscape.