The Phoenix Shop & Café Bar

About Us

Located on the Findhorn peninsula next to stunning Findhorn Bay, the Phoenix Shop can be found at the entrance to the world-renowned Findhorn Ecovillage. We’ve been serving the local and visiting community for almost 25 years. Over the years the Phoenix has evolved into a thriving community-owned business with an award-winning food section, as well as books, crafts, gifts and cards.

Celebrating the positive, the Phoenix specialises in local, organic, Fair Trade, ethical and artisan foods and products.

With a wide selection of groceries and chilled foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, local organic whisky, craft beers and organic wines, local crafts and Fair Trade chocolates, we offer a healthy alternative to mainstream supermarkets and shopping malls.

The Phoenix is owned by an innovative community partnership, with hundreds of local people investing in the business through Ekopia Social Investments Limited.