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Tasty Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday

Today we started our new weekly promotion ‘Tasty Tuesday’: samples of some of our February Special Offer food items (Plamil Dairy-free Chocolate, Kettle Oven Baked crisps,Trek Banana Snack Bar, Nairn’s Oatcakes: both Black Pepper and Berry and Seed varieties) were available to taste at the Deli Counter at the back of  the Phoenix. On Thursday we will begin ‘Thirsty Thursday’ when we will sample  the Drinks currently on Special Offer: Good Hemp milk alternatives, Cocofina Coconut Read More

February Special Offers!

It may be a little late, but here is some information on our current 20% off Special Offers… Faith in Nature Shower Gel and Bath Foam Easy Bean Moroccan Crispbread Hilltop Honeys Cocofina Coconut Water, Coconut Aminos and Coconut Vinegar Nairn’s Oatcakes Range Suma Baked Beans Totally Sweet Xylitol Trek Snack Bars Plamil Dairy-free Chocolate Good Hemp milk alternatives: Original, Unsweetened and Coconut and Hemp Varieties Selected Dragonfly Teas Scheese Greek Feta Style Dairy-free Cheese substitute Read More

From cancer diagnosis to healthy vibrant lifestyle!

We were fortunate to catch up with long-term community member Fay Blackburn before she left Findhorn to spend 3 months in Southern Spain.  After receiving a cancer diagnosis Fay took immediate action to address her diet and underlying emotional matters.  She shares her experience with us, including food items and books which helped her on the way to being given the all clear by doctors. PHOTO I had Colon Cancer fifteen years ago, which really shock me up. After the operation to remove the tumor, the doctor said I should have Chemotherapy just in case. I asked the doctor “what is the difference in survival rates between those people who take the Chemo and those people who don’t”. I know that doctors have to know this, as the drugs are double blind tested against placebos and different dosages. They told me 60% of the people who took the Chemo survived five years, of those who didn’t take the chemo 50% survived five years. I worked in hospitals much of my life as a lab technician. I found out that they were using the same drug to treat colon cancer that they were using thirty years. I thought a 10% difference in survival rate, well that’s peanuts and if they are still testing the same drug I am sure I can do better than that by going home, having a quiet lifestyle not stressing myself out and looking after my body. Read More

Natural Health and Beauty Detox

The traditional virtues of birch and its efficient removal of toxic substances from the liver and kidneys have been known and appreciated for many years in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and elsewhere in Northern Europe as well as parts of northern China, where it can be readily drunk as a tonic. Birch sap is known for its restorative and detoxifying properties, while the leaves and bark are known for their purifying and detoxifying effects. Available in store now Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil with either Birch Juice or Birch Body Scrub Read More

New Year, New You!

We are happy to share some tips for making small changes to your diet and daily routine, which if practised with consistency over time could form new habits towards a healthier you for 2016!   Start the day in your favour Before you hit the coffee and get caught up in who needs what when, drink two large glasses of water. As local Personal Trainer Dave Powney says “warm water can be easier to drink first thing: it will hydrate you, boost your metabolism, reduce stomach acidity and keep you regular.” Read More

Recipe of the month

Sweat leeks until almost clear, add chopped garlic and stir until lightly browned. Add Barley stir and add hot water (deglace with wine or vinegar if desired) Add stock cube and seasoning to taste and stir periodically for 45-55 minutes. When cooked, grill some slices of Taifan Smoked Tofu (available at The Phoenix Shop) and place onto top of the barley risotto to serve. Read More

Alan Watson Featherstone’s empowering tips for eating vegan

To mark World Vegan Month 2015, we interviewed Alan Watston Featherstone, long-term Findhorn Foundation community member, founder and Executive Director of the conservation charity Trees for Life whose aim is to restore the Caledonian Forest and its unique wildlife to the Scottish Highlands. I become Vegan a long time ago. I came to live in Findhorn Community in 1978 and was Vegetarian before coming here. In April 1979, I went to a lecture in London, at the World Symposium on Humanity, where Kathleen Jannaway, Secretary of the Vegan Society, articulated all the reasons for being Vegan as all the reasons why I was Vegetarian. It became clear to me that if I was making dietary choices on that basis, being Vegetarian was only a half-way step and it was hypocritical of me to still eat animal products for the reasons that I was not eating meat. A key concern for me is the amount of land it takes to provide food for a person to live off and for animals to operate. There is about a 10% efficiency ratio in terms of how much vegetable material and protein that animals consume which is then converted into meat or milk, the other 90% is used by their own body metabolism. Read More

December Special Offers

Faith in Nature are made in Britain naturally using locally sourced ingredients where possible and ethically sourced fairly traded if imported.  Ingredients used are Certified Organic.  There are no animal ingredients, no Genetically Modified ingredients, no synthetic colouring or fragrances, no SLES, SLS or Parabens and no artificial preservatives used in their products.  This month, our full range of Faith in Nature Conditioners are available with 20% special offer discount.   Gusto Organic Energy Drinks Read More