Phoenix Community Stores

The Phoenix Café

The Phoenix Café is now closed.
We are regularly monitoring the situation around the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, and will open again when safe to do so.

The Phoenix Café (formerly known as The Blue Angel) is situated at the entrance to the Universal Hall in the Findhorn eco-village community. Usually open year round, the café has both inside seating and a popular outside garden terrace area.

The Café (when open) offers a wide range of snacks and beverages with an emphasis on fresh, local and organic ingredients. Croissants from a local French patisserie washed down with a shot of organic espresso add a continental flavour to village life. See our menu here.

Monthly exhibitions from local artists decorate the walls. The Café (when open) also functions as an evening café/bar for events at the adjoining Universal Hall.

When the Universal Hall is open and has a concert on, the Phoenix Café is open for drinks, both soft and alcoholic.