Phoenix Community Stores

Wisdom Tree

Here is the collection of small and BIG things each of us can do in our daily lives for the planet (and ourselves and future generations).

Do not iron, use your body heat.

Buy less.

Buy more organic.

Grow your own food using permaculture principles.

Support local farmers.

Create peace within yourself, your family, your community. It starts small and radiates outwards.

Life ambitions – Happiness Enjoyment & Fulfillment


If you are around in Findhorn during the CCC19, the Climate Change & Consciousness Conference that will be held from 20-26 April 2019, then come by the Phoenix Café and

1. Grab a wooden “wisdom stick” and pencil
2. Write on the stick one of your best tips to become more caring for the planet (if you like, put your name and hometown on the backside).
3. Hang it on the tree next to the Café
4. Follow us here where we will collect and share your ideas.

Come along, inspire & be inspired!


Many small people,
who in many small places
do many small things,
can alter the face of the world.

African proverb